Speed Car World is a premium auto detailing service provider in CHennai.

Established in the year 2014


Our journey started 5 years ago. Speed Car World was founded by Mr. Balaji Arumugam. Our founder’s desire & passion for the automobile opened the doorway to the Speed Car World.

Our service to your car is no lesser than pampering. We believe that this amazing invention by mankind deserves the best care & service and we work towards this idea.

The entire team of Speed Car World is built with highly skilled & enthusiastic technicians, who have an astonishing passion for cars. With our quality service over the years, we have successfully changed the way people conceived about car maintenance and we proudly say that we are among the leading car maintenance service provider in Chennai.

World-class technology, state-of-the-art equipment, informed staff and the love for cars make Speed Car Wash a sought after car cleaning service provider. We, for the very first time in India, offer the superior German-built Autobase Car Cleaning System used by international brands like Audi, BMW, Benz, Land Rover, and Volkswagen, etc.

This popular system adopts an efficient and effective cleaning mechanism that will leave your car with a sparkling clean in just a few minutes.

Our mission is to give you the very best of car maintenance services, with a focus on three aspects, ie: affordability, customer satisfaction, and high-quality services.

We have a vision of giving every car a new look even after several years of its usage. Would you like to give your car, a brand new look? Just drive into Speed Car World & drive out happily!

Our Car Wash Service

It is merely impossible for everyone to wash their cars by themselves regularly. Hence, it’s quite normal for people to opt for a professional service. As a result, in recent years, you might have noticed a rapid growth in the car wash business. When you move around the city, you will feel the rise in the number of car wash services popping up at every corner. By getting your car washed from the Speed Car World, we not only save your time and energy but also yield quality results. By Car wash in Chennai, most people have a misconception that it’s just cleaning the exterior of the car. However, with us, it is a lot more than that.

About Ceramic Coating

At Speed Car World, The Ceramic Coating process not only ensures the protection and highlighted attraction but it also ensures the durable originality, long-lasting shine, and an overall good looking exterior. Ceramic Coating is one of the best accomplishments in nanotechnology which will redefine the conventional car paint coating method. Ceramic coating is a multi-layered liquid polymer coating that gives your car an exceptional exterior protection and thereby durability. This process acts as an alternative to wax or sealants and it is applied manually by hand. During the coating process, a chemical bond adheres to the original car paint leading to a smooth shiny finish. Also, this protective layer doesn’t break or gets washed away that easily.


  • Perfect Detailing
  • Avoids Oxidation
  • Everlasting Shine


Crystal Serum is the world-famous Gtechniq Accredited Detailer only Crystal Serum. When it comes to adding gloss, resisting swirls, contaminant and dirt repellency, Gtechniq Crystal Serum and Serum Light is the pinnacle in paint production. Serum Light forms an ultra-durable, high-gloss slick to the touch, chemically bonding inorganic layer of 9th optically clear ceramic. Once applied, gloss levels will remain in the upper 90th percentile for significantly longer when compared to 9 traditional paint protection products, and cleaning your car will be easier. The high-density ceramic layer is resistant to chemicals ranging from pH2- pH12. These characteristics benefits in removing the bonded containments such as tree sap, tar and hard water spots. Unlike mainstream wax and organic polymer coatings, Serum and Serum Light can resist much higher and lower temperatures. They resist temperature as low as -40 degree Celsius to as high as +250 degree Celsius.


EXO is Gtechniq’s ultimate hydrophobic coating. It out-beats any other products in the market by providing, a lotus leaf effect that repels dirt and water. EXO ensures that the exterior of your vehicle stays cleaner and glossier for much longer. Based on the next generation of inorganic and organic hybrid materials EXO embodies Gtechniq’s goal to offer products that work harder and smarter, meaning more time enjoying your car and less time maintaining it. Simple to apply EXO offers the ultimate dirt and water repellency (it has a contact angle of 115 degrees), it is resistant to regular wash chemical with applications typically lasting as much as 18 months on daily driven cars in northern Europe and North America.


Crystal Lacquer is extremely durable, as it becomes the functional surface of a car’s paintwork. C1 forms a crystalline film which is extremely hard and it is a scratch-resistant. In fact, C1 coated panels have been tested against uncoated panels, as well as high-end carnauba waxes and polymer sealants. On an average, panels coated with Gtechniq C1 exhibited 50 percent fewer swirl marks than those coated with waxes or left uncoated.


C2 Liquid Crystal is the revolutionary way to make your car, boat, plane or RV shine and stays clean longer than expected with Gtechniq’s unique 3S Smart Surface Science. With C2 Liquid Crystal you get instant, effective protection from UV and dirt without the expense of dealer applied system.


G1 uses a chemical bond which gives unrivalled durability and its excellent durability and exceptionally low smear characteristics makes it ideal for car windscreens. Please note that with glass coatings there is a tradeoff between durability and functionality. While G1 is recommended for car windscreens, for surfaces such as shower screens, or marine glass where maximum repellency is required, it is better to use G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex. Also note that the G1 will only work on glass substrates, for example, it will not work on modern headlight lenses which are made from polycarbonate. For these, you will need to use G5 Water Repellent Coating for Glass and Perspex. Please note that G2 is included with G1 for no additional cost.


G5 Offers maximum repellency but is less durable than G1 clear vision smart Glass coating. Water will be blown off at car screens at speeds as low as 30mph and the water will wash away and leave a virtually spotless surface. Any glass coated in G5 will stay clear for longer and any contaminants such as bugs, birds dropping and ice will be easy to clean up. Based on similar technology as our C1 crystal Lacquer and C4 permanent Trim Restorer, C5 provides the best protection for wheels, both standard or alloys. Because of C5’s unique exceptionally fine surface rheology and chemical bonding mechanism, its performance is outstanding. The former property gives the coating its excellent stain and contaminant resistance, and the chemical bond formed between the wheel surface and C5 makes the coating durable.

Compared to other Service companies Speed Car World is the best Ceramic Coating service for Cars in Chennai.

About Car Detailing Service

At Speed Car World, the Car detailing treatment goes beyond normal car wash by making the look impressively clean from both the inside and outside. Usually, Detailing process is carried out manually (cleaning by hands) by the expert detailers without the use of any automated Systems.

  • Interior Treatment
  • Exterior Treatment
  • Exterior Detailing


In today’s world, owning a car is not perceived as a status symbol but a necessity. Most of the city users rely on their cars as primary mode transportation like going to work or traveling around the city. The tidiness of the car’s interior can be one of the huge factors in determining our mood for the rest of the day. Along with an hour of traffic jam, pollution, dust, having a dirty car interior could make your day even more frustrating.

With the interior treatment process such as vacuuming & interior bio cleaning, you could attain the following benefits:

  • Spotless clean by effectively removing the dirt and strains from the car’s interior.
  • The look, durability, and shine of the car’s leather and plastic will be improved.
  • Visibility of the windshield and glass will be enhanced by making it streak-free.


The car doesn’t stay new forever, with age, car paints tend to fade away and lose its luster and shine. This happens due to the prolonged exposure to sunlight and environmental conditions. Without any protection and proper care, your car’s paint may undergo oxidation and disrupt the appearance.

  • With exterior treatment, you could enjoy the following benefits:
  • Remove the oxidation and scratches from the exterior of the car.
  • Protect the car’s paint finish and extends its overall life.
  • Remove the accumulated dust from the car’s tires and to enhance its durability.
  • Get a clean glass for streak-free sight.


It is important to note that just washing the exteriors won’t make any major difference to the appearance of the car. A good detailing would make the exterior of the car gleam, reduce scratches on the surface and improve the overall look.

With exterior treatment, you could enjoy the following benefits: At Speed Car World, we carry out the following procedures to enhance your car appearance:

  • Washing
  • Claying
  • Polishing
  • Sealing

About Paint Protection Film Services

Car paint can be guarded in many ways, one of the newest kinds being the automotive PPF (Paint Protection Film). It is a thin polymer or polyurethane film which acts as a protective layer shielding the paint from scratches & damages.  Besides this, it saves the exterior of your car from acid rain, mineral deposits, UV exposure, and more. We are among the leading professional PPF installers for custom auto body services and Vinyl wrap. Usually, at Speed Car World, Vinyl is cut into segments with a plotter machine. This makes the PPF layer installation process easier & reduces the wastage of materials.




Firstly, we prepare the surface of the car for a smooth installation. A good degreasing solution is used to remove any debris on the surface, and if required, we do a detailed polish or waxing to improve the car’s shine, before installing a Paint Protection Film.


After preparing the surface, the PPF film is cut into different divisions using a plotter machine. This helps us to install the thin polymer film easily on all the sections such as the quarter panel, door handle cavity, hood rocker panel, side mirrors, etc.


This is where experience plays a crucial role. Just by applying, the PPF will not fit in perfectly by itself, instead, it is a further complicated process than one presumes. It involves a series of spraying, squeegee, and PPF placement in the right position, before finally fitting it. A squeegee is used to remove any creases or bubbles present in the film.


The final process involved in PPF installation is drying. We use a heat gun, which inducts the adhesive causing the PPF to stick perfectly to the car surface. It also creates a tight fit by shrinking the material.

About Car Painting & Bodyworks

At Speed Cars World, we strive to deliver the vehicles that are scratched, dented, or damaged in accidents to be returned to the road in a showroom condition. Want to admire your car as you bought it for the first time? With our Car Painting and Bodyworks services in Chennai, you can fall back in love with your car again.


No longer worry about your car’s overall appearance with small dents and damages. At Speed Car World, we have got a great body works service to reinstate your car’s outlook. Our body repair technicians have mastered the method of restoring the damages and blemishes down to ensure that your finish is free from those small dents and unsightly scratches.


We can say that the greatest workmanship of a good car painter would be when you cannot see what they have done once the work is completed. With our skilled technicians, we ensure to repair the damaged areas to exactly match with the rest of the exterior color and appearance. In our paint job, we ensure the longevity and appearance of the paint which includes gloss, color match, and metallic appearance. The vehicles’ color tends to change over the period depending on the use & maintenance. Exposing your car to nature like sun, rain, moisture, heat can cause fading or rusting, etc. We apply clear coats for a glossy finish and to get rid of any signs of damage, while protecting the paint better. A great paint job deserves great protection. We often apply clear coats to our paint jobs to not only protect the paint but to ensure an accurate gloss match and an overall seamless repair. Not only touch-ups and complete car paint makeover. We do offer dual-tone painting for both the new and used cars. A dual-tone paint will often have a different colored roof in contrast to the body. We provide color customizations for both the new and old cars for the people who wish to make their vehicle stand out from the rest of the cars.

About Car Wrapping

Car Wrapping helps you with making your car one of a kind and it has now gained its momentum among the automobile lovers who wish to customize the usual appearance of their vehicle. Car Wraps are a vinyl covering and is not just an alternative to painting, but a lot more than that and it is the ideal solution for individuals who are looking for a trendy outlook without losing the original exterior of the car. Repainting a car could be quite expensive, especially when it is for an old car. This is where the concept of car wrapping comes round as a remedy.

At Speed Car World, we use Vinyl Car Wrappings and it is most encouraged not just because of its simple makeover benefits, but also it has a lot of practical advantages.


We can easily remove the vinyl Car Wrap lamination when you decide to go for a changeover. Car Wrap doesn’t damage the original paint or exterior of the car.


The car owners who wish to opt for a unique exterior has numerous options with attractive car graphic designs to make it look one of a kind.


Generally, there is a thought that wrapping your car with unique designs has a negative impact on the resale value. But it isn’t the real scenario because firstly, it is easily removable in case it’s not welcomed by the potential buyers. Secondly, car wraps protects the original layer of the paintwork from possible minor scratches.


Maintenance after the Car Wrapping process is extremely easy and it’s very affordable as one can simply re-apply the affected area by first sorting out the original layer of the paintwork.


The time required in the process of Car Wrapping is quicker than doing are paint job. And the vinyl car wraps that we use are marginally lower-priced and it’s economical to opt for a Car Wrapping than for painting.


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Detailers India

Detailers India is a Premium Directory listing that can catapult your business to a targeted audience and generate excellent awareness thereby increasing your revenue and expand your customer base.

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Search anytime for all your Automotive needs, Detailers India helps you find it easy and fast.

Detailers India

Detailers India is a Premium Directory listing that can catapult your business to a targeted audience and generate excellent awareness thereby increasing your revenue and expand your customer base.


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Search anytime for all your Automotive needs, Detailers India helps you find it easy and fast.

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